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If friends don’t let friends drive drunk, there now is a car that is a driver’s best friend. That friend is a car equipped with a Life Safer Ignition Interlock Device. Yes this vehicle is equipped with a breathalyzer linked to the ignition, and it will not start if the driver is intoxicated.


“Interlock devices are up to 90 percent effective in reducing repeat offenses. This really can stop repeat offenders from continuing to drink and drive,” says MADD CEO Chuck Hurley.


Now mandatory for repeat offenders in many states including Alaska, ignition interlock device, as they’re called, have been installed in over a 100,000 cars. But that number is tiny compared to the 1.4 million drunken driving arrests made in the United States each year.


Watch the video from CBS – Click Here



In Alaska: The court must order you to drive vehicle with an ignition interlock device (IID) installed. The DMV is required to place a “C” (Ignition interlock device required) restriction printed in bold letters on the paper license. More Information

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This new law requires the use of an interlock device for all DWI/DUI convictions effective January 1, 2009. First-time offenders will be required to have an interlock device installed in each vehicle they operate for the duration of court-ordered probation (a minimum of 6 month), and will be charged a mandatory $1500.00 fine and minimum 72 hours in jail. Repeat offenses have concurrent interlock terms and fines 2nd offense require 1 year of interlock use and a $3000.oo fine. 3rd Offense requires 18 month interlock use and a 4000.00 fine. House bill 19 also take into consideration the tampering of an interlock unit, allowing for harsher fines and jail sentence. This new law also stipulates that a person who loan, rents, or allows a person to drive a vehicle who is required to have an interlock device, can be punished with a class A misdemeanor and fines. House Bill 19 also allows for persons with long term suspension under the current law (PRE 12/31/08 convictions) to possibly become eligible for limited driving privileges during the remaining probationary period. Read the text of House Bill 19 here.


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